Samantha MiCadden

Name: Samantha MiCadden – usually just called Sam

Appearance: Energetic and a bit wild at first take in, has rebellious brown hair and blue slit eyes, the exact height and build of Kite which means other than their hair, they’ve been mistaken for each other in childhood. Sam is the more eager, self-indulgent, bouncy personality naturally and much of this rubbed off onto Kite, who in turn calmed Sam down a bit. She likes shiny things and dressing up in skirts and dresses.

Location: Sam grew up in the same care place and first tier as Kite before they were parted and Sam spent the rest of her time in the Cradle where she lives for as far as we know about her. She has unofficial residences in Fvit and on the east coast and Galeez because of her friends in those places. She travels at need, but prefers staying where she’s comfortable.

Work: It’s unknown what Sam wanted to do as a child, but she was picked up by a very old and respected reader in her second tier education where she was educating in the ways of board reading and took to it quite well. When her mentor died, she was shared around a few other apprenticeships and learnt other forms of reading: star gazing, crystals, signs in nature, palm reading, tea reading. She is probably one of the most gifted common readers in Tantus – most with her level of expertise and skill take on the rank of Privileged, but she refused and continues to refuse the offer. It’s assumed she makes a comfortable income, as all class of people come to her for reading, and she funds a lot of the Resistance needs, but previous to that spends a lot of it on herself before realizing other people are more in need than her.

Magic: Reading is a skill and has nothing to do with magic, has only a tiny command of magic that allow her to catch and throw small things close to her: this is only observed when she is crystal reading.

Relationships: Her best and closest friend has always been Kite and they shared a friend group in younger years. Both thrive on social interaction, Sam even more so, and so she’s always been surrounded with friends and gotten on well with all of them. Of her notable relationships is Shendera, which is a bit of a strange friendship for a time, and Gregory who is like a younger cousin to her. The extent of her friendships and connections is shown post TCM3.

Personal: Although not as well read as Kite, Sam makes up for it with street smarts. She picks up and fluently speaks Al’terran, as she does live in the Cradle. She’s born Cattarim 27, 15,875, about a month apart from Kite. She absolutely loves dancing but is not very good at it, or she might have tried to make a career out of it, but her chess skill is better than Kite and on part with Timethy. She likes drinks of all kinds and appreciates when something new is mixed for her.

Personality: Sam is happy and energetic by nature, pulling up the mood of a group and fairly well connected, easy going and laughs at herself. She is a bit of a pleasure seeker and a bit vain, but this does change over time as she gradually discovers that others need her help and she gives up her self-indulgence, but keeps her cheer. She’s well connected but has no interest moving up the class system. Every so often she goes through a bought of depression but usually someone is there to pull her out of it. She’s an asset to any team, a best friend to whoever needs her.

Cyrus Valeshti

Name: Cyrus Valeshti

Appearance: Beautiful. A touch taller and leaner than Kite, exceptionally graceful even by Al’terrian standard, carries herself with an authority and commanding respect. She has long brown hair and rich brown eyes with a hint of gold, clean and proud in face. When Kite meets her, she is always beautifully dressed in Galeezian style clothing and colours that are extravagant and show off her good looks.

Location: Cyrus is very much Pride-born through and through, born in Vichi Rose and changing residences periodically. Although she leaves the board, she does live their year-round.

Work: Before becoming the Queen of the Society Kite finds her to be, a younger Cyrus was an extremely well read tincane, though she knows a thing or two about Jin-Ti training, enough to defend herself. At a young age, she wanted to become a fantastic reader. She takes control of the Society and becomes their Queen which she does for the life. It’s implied she is a very good Queen.

Magic: Is not fivya nor has the Powers. It would be reasonable to assume that Cyrus has a very thorough knowledge of magic and perhaps knows a bit, but it not talented enough to be an actual fviya. Any magic she can use has been put towards memory and getting the truth from people.

Relationships: Although highly politically connected, the most substantial relationship in the books is Kite who is both employee and friend. It’s possible she knows Olivia, Rob, Timethy, and Antuni but likely in name only.

Personal: Born Drassinj 33, 15,873 making her roughly two years older than Kite, a better than average dancer, and one of the most intelligent people in Al’terra, outwitting Timethy in memory and chess ability though they have never meet. Not much is known about her or her personal life.

Personality: Unlike a lot of her peers, Cyrus does respect and care for the common people but it’s often hard to show or practically demonstrate it. She speaks her mind and is unafraid to do so, even more so as Queen, feels contempt for all ranks of the Al’terrian system and is, as previously noted, more intelligent than anyone else in the series. Underneath all her haughtiness and responsibilities, she is not so different from Kite in good intentions and actions. She is keen to be able to multitask, get things done, and constantly wanting to improve herself

Ask a Character

If you would like, you can ask anything you want of any characters in any of the books: Kite, Nicki, Laura, Olivia, Toby, Austin, Timethy, Damien, Jared, Rob, Cyrus, and Sam. Absolutely anything you would like.

You might want to specific which book you’re approaching each character. Damien changes throughout books so his answer for TCM1 will be different than TCM3.

Ask away!

Austin Dah’Rhin

A little extreme, but this is a bit what I think of when I think about Austin.

Name: Austin Dah’Rhin

Appearance: Black hair and golden eyes mark out Austin as unusual initially, but more so than that are claws, an unusual appearance of cat really. He is of tall, somewhat scrawny build, clean in face, grows up to later be considered handsome, obtains a lot of scars on his body after her time in the factories but  his face remains untouched. Also acquires several tattoos that have significance.

Location: Never told, but it’s likely he grew up in a rougher portion of Tantus before the factories, but after is left ambiguous. It is hinted at he was in Tantus but didn’t spend all his time there.

Work: Before the factories, it’s unclear what he did, but certainly he wanted to go into fighting and war, be it military or militia. After the factories he was guaranteed Pride work which ended up being assassination.

Magic: Since he made it to the factories, he has a power but it is never explicitly stated.

Relationships:  Arguably, Austin doesn’t really form very many relationships with the escapees, even Timethy who first invited him on the escape. He enjoys arguing with Rob and Jared for different reasons, absolutely hates Damien, and doesn’t care about Toby. His intrigue with Kite wanes until he is focused on Nicki in a rather possessive way. Laura and Olivia are of no consequence to him.

Personal:  Strictly speaking, he has never had friends, only brawl partners. He enjoys gambling and fighting, and his ambition was to become the best fighter alive. His favourite food is meat on the rare side and herb bread cold, and after his return to Tantus is more sexually active than any of the others.

Personality: Easily defined by his enthusiasm to do and help, he is by no means innocent or as naive as he appears to be. Is somewhat more fearless and confident than the others to the point of rashness, later develops to be rather cocky, arrogant, has a bit of a smart alec sense of humour, has a strange lack of fear comparable to Jared, terrible self control, and enjoys proving himself. A morally blacker and more energetic contrast to Jared, and not the person you’d want to cross especially when intoxicated.

Nicki Mi’Anna

Nicki is a good artist, though this particular image is from deviantart (BrandonEvans)

Name: Nicki Mi’Anna

Appearance: A plain but pretty face with grey slit eyes framed by short hair of many soft shades of brown, a bit taller than Kite and with a similar build so much as they could pass for each other at night, left-handed, considered attractive for a common girl.

Location: Born and raised in Hesk but returns to plant herself in Tantus, with no ambitions of going elsewhere.

Work: Worked with children in a care place and was probably on the way to becoming a teacher, though she always had her heart set on becoming a performing dancer – something it’s likely she couldn’t have done because she wasn’t that good at it. On her return to Tantus, she becomes a florist because no one would look for her in that profession.

Magic:  Has the power of very good hearing, something that always proves useful even after the factories.

Relationships: Because of the factories, Nicki finds herself fallen in love with Damien, her one and only love: they dance together on many occasions.  She doesn’t like Jared, tries to strike up a friendship with the otherwise naive Rob, makes a pleasant friendship with Timethy, becomes cousin-like with Toby, and Austin could only really be classified as a stalker. If technology allowed, he would be creeping her Facebook pictures hourly. Of the girls, she does her best to be friends with Olivia who really doesn’t want the kindness, does her best to protect and encourage Laura, and her and Kite turn out to be very good, if not best friends out of their endeavours.

Personal: After returning to Tantus, she has a bit of a religious experience, which causes her to becoming practising, a fairly good cook and can make her favourite dish of basil cherry chicken, does decorative weaving with her hair sometimes, not much of a dancing soloist, and loves light.

Personality: Defined by her friendliness to everyone in every situation, and otherwise cautious about new situations and plans, has the feel of innocence to her, patient and understanding but not enough decisiveness to be a leader,  a realist more than an optimist,  doesn’t really like that much attention, and takes to make decision on emotions more than anything else.

Laura Highen

Stunning blue eyes, a fantastic representation of the first thing I think of with Laura (deviantart by a-dd)

Name: Laura Highen

Appearance: The most beautiful of the original, hands down. Long black hair, swooping bangs, huge blue eyes with long lashes and tallest of the four, and would easily be the prettiest if not for the fact she is obviously malnourished and sickly looking: pale, bruises easily, very thin, and has a branded heel.

Location: Other than the fact she lived in Westhill (Tantus), nothing is known about where Laura from because she won’t talk about it. By comparison, the factories have a lot more freedom.

Work: Unclear and never spoken about, probably did some sort of medial labour in Westhill.

Magic: Has a sort of Power that is never used and is only revealed too later.

Relationships: Out of the escapees, Kite is her best friend, shield, and protector, probably the best she’s ever met. Nicki falls almost along those lines and Olivia, even with her coolness, is a huge source of comfort. She doesn’t speak to any of the toms, but seems to put up with Timethy as he’s the least violent, and has to put with Rob but is mostly fearful of all the toms.

Personal: Does a lot of things in threes due to an old superstition she grew up on, hates olives, knows some domestic skills such as crochet,  and seems to be a fair hand at choreographing her own work.

Personality: It’s hard to see a true personality under all the skittishness and fear which is of course naturally part of her. Sweet and rather naive, incredibly sheltered due to the nature of her life, incredibly observant, guarded, has no tempter because she has never been allowed one,  innately knows the value of loyalty, and not the best in social settings, as she is more of a one friend at a time sort of person.

Rob Menra

Tall, lanky, somewhat awkward, not a bad fit really.

Name: Rob Menra

Appearance: He’s always been taller, maybe not abnormally tall, but definitely on the outskirts of Al’terrian tall, attributed to being fractionally Septavian, messy blonde hair, looks quite Pride-worthy except for his height, gets sick quicker than usual and is a somewhat awkward dancer for most of his life.

Location: Lie about and never explicitly stated, Rob hails from the western portion of the country and upon return to Tantus, takes up residence on the board: he is not a travel type person.

Work : Like so many Al’terrian kids, didn’t have the fortune of having a job that suited him. Instead he worked a bit in construction and a bit in museum caretaking, neither of which he liked or was good at.

Magic: Has a distinct and strong ability to Sight ability, be it distance or visions. Both prove accurate although not necessarily when they are expected.

Relationships: Rob shares an almost victim like relationship with Jared who verbally feeds him abuse, and is the sometime friend of Timethy, though he does get limited attention from Damien and Toby, and fights with Austin though they don’t have a further relationship. The girls tend to acknowledge him but don’t form a bond, the exception being Laura who Rob is greatly drawn toward and spends his lifetime pining for.

Personal: Surprisingly smart and thoughtful, though this could be part of his personality shift later on, later on takes solace in religious practise, knows how to play the flute, buys a lot of blue stones and prays over them, smokes occasionally, dies as an intentional virgin, and has a knack for making jewelry.

Personality: It’s hard to describe his personality as it does make a rather major swing. Starts off as a rather young, naive, really enthusiastic, desperate for approval tom who will talk until you force him to stop, self esteem in the pits and provided by the attention of others (good or bad), later becomes much more introverted and subdued and in a perpetual state of grief and mourning that strangely brings out his otherwise non-existent intelligence. Despite changes, a sweet and trustworthy friends, just much more jaded and war-torn after his shift.


Something like her hair.

Name: Olivia – no last name given

Appearance:  Distinctively short – perhaps the shortest of the original four, with long curly tabby hair – curly hair is quite unusual in Al’terra naturally. Has a stern haughty face which wears an expression of pride and superiority most of the time, skin is remarkably unmarked from a soft life.

Location: Though it’s not explicitly told where Olivia grew up, it is certainly somewhere on the Board in Tantus and she has the most distinctive accent to show for it, though the other escapees write her off as having a strong accent, not being as high-born as she is. When she returns to Tantus, she is received back onto the board and to the best of anyone’s knowledge, that is the only place she has ever been, and probably has never seen the ocean.

Work: Being high-born, she doesn’t hold a childhood job the same the others do. Instead she had many areas of study, and when she came back to Tantus, got into politics of some kind.

Magic:  Has one of the Powers, which is why it she ends up at the factories, but though it’s present, it’s very very weak and likely has something to do with sight.

Relationships: Olivia doesn’t form any really strong relationships with the escapees, if because she knows she’s better than them or she knows that it wouldn’t work out either way. She barely speaks to or acknowledges Timethy, Damien, Toby, Austin, or Rob, but does think that Jared is probably the only intellectual equal and it manifests as anger towards him. That relationship is a bit complicated. Of the girls, she barely speaks to either Kite or Laura for similar reasons, and only associates with Nicki because they are paired and she doesn’t really want Nicki to be hurt, as much as she isn’t really a fan.

Personal: Incredibly politically and historically savvy and a good hand at painting and drawing, becomes passionate about anything intellectual she puts her mind to, enjoys a good debate and is rather talented at arguing,  enjoys alcohol – unusual for an Al’terrian, and owns several tigers, which is her study subject.

Personality: Although she is not sweet or kind to anyone, Olivia cannot be mistaken for a villain. Although furious about being ripped from the top of the world, she is a person of passion and drive, has strong opinions, likes to be in charge when she is in her element or could achieve being in her element (slightly out of the box sort of stuff, but not left field),  tends to be proud and somewhat cold, extremely confident, and clearly thinks her intelligence makes her superior.

Jared Nuhj

This is what I think of when I hear Jared. Though not technically lion kin, he has that spirit about him.

Name: Jared Nuhj

Appearance: Something about this guy just emulates fierce. When Kite first sees him, she describes him as ‘Lion blooded’. Although not distinctly good looking – short brown hair, average, a bit more built than the usual Al’terrian build, typically pink skinned – the energy about him and the way he carries himself says he is probably not to be reckoned with. Not only can he take out opponents purely by strength (second only to Toby is sheer strength), he is not afraid of mind games. It is the way he carries himself, not looks, that is so attractive.

Location: Whatever Jared says in Book 1 is surely a lie, but if accent is any indication, he likely grew up in the West of Tantus but has spent time in the capital, enough to be known as one of the best war dancers in the Scales. After the factories it’s not made clear exactly where he went, but is no stranger to travelling and doesn’t really have attachments to places the same way others do.

Work : Work is even more lied about than location. With his build, it could be assumed he did some guard type training, or heavy work before going to the factories, and after becomes a bit more black market/thievery. He likes things which test his abilities in a practical and dangerous way.

Magic: Jared makes it no secret he has the Powers, proud of it in fact because it means he is as common as the rest, and uses his to its full extent: his words can change what people do and think. Others with the Powers can sense and resist this, although sometimes they choose not to, as Timethy at times doesn’t mind letting Jared’s power encourage and rally them.

Relationships: At no point in the books do we truly see Jared form a meaningful friendship, but nonetheless he has important relationships, notably with Timethy as his Second in command, and Rob who is the object of his verbal abuse. Damien and Austin and Toby have minimal relationships and support Jared to varying degrees. Although Jared speaks with the females, he seems to consider Olivia his equal, which is to say they fight about everything. Laura fears him, Nicki keeps away, and although he values Kite’s opinion more so than the other females, he ultimately doesn’t care much for any of them as people.

Personal: Although somewhat well-versed in weapons, prefers kickboxing given his options. He thinks of himself without fear, and indeed this seems to be true because he is never seen in a state of fear, he is a very skilled professional dancer but otherwise has a rather mysterious past he doesn’t speak about.

Personality:  The biggest dilemma of Jared is his sense of morals: while he clearly stands up for the rights of the common over their social betters, he will use whatever means to get his point across, including murder. He is a believer, although he wouldn’t say this openly, that the ends justify the means.  He is organized, creative, and cunning in a way that is not fully good or bad. His morals don’t extend to sex or marriage – but that is less of an issue in Al’terrian society anyways. He is a natural leader – more so than Timethy, though in a much more authoritative and forceful way, and an excellent speaker. He is confident in every situation he is put and likes power, but is mostly just respected cause he has balls and has solutions to almost every problem.

Timethy Jonson

Again, because Timethy exists in my head, there is no representative picture of him.

Name: Timethy Jonson (male main character)
Appearance: At first, second, and third glance, Timethy is a Pride-worthy tom, about average male height, short cut brown hair and hazel green eyes. His most distinctive feature is browner than average skin, marking him as partly Galeez, although if you could manage to pull any of his clothes off (unlikely as he is rather body-shy) you would find he has a tiger-striped torso and tiger tail, both of which are almost always hidden to avoid drawing attention to himself.
Location: Timethy was born and raised in the heart of Tantus and thus carries the distinctive accent. Although incredibly well learned, not as well travelled, until his return to Tantus where he lives on the Board but spends considerably more time travelling, mainly to Galeez.
Work: Had a large variety of jobs as a child including but not limited to raising children, personal servant to a Privileged family, working in a library, and edited theory manuscripts. Later he takes up an apprenticeship as a warrior, possibly the last thing he wanted to do.
Magic: Has the Powers, his being the ability to read mind and in some circumstances, change thoughts.
Relationships: The deepest and most profound relationship Timethy has in the trilogy is with Damien, his best and closest friend since childhood whom he is never without. Jared he shares an uneasy admiration. To Rob, he is the sometime protector and equal. Toby is perhaps his lovable cousin, and Austin his overly enthusiastic cousin. Antuni is his mentor and very good friend. Out of the girls, Nicki is something of a distant sister, and he barely speaks to Olivia and Laura though he tried. Kite becomes his best friend and the person who needs saving most, though it seems they all do.
Personal: Certified genius. On par with Cyrus in terms of book intelligence, a great dancer and better chess player (though not the best, we never see him beaten), has no ability to ride, hates fighting, and likes foreign food. Early on his favourite colour is blue but then shifts to red with a shift in personality.
Personality: Although naturally quiet, by no means shy, values his privacy, has an uncanny amount of self-control, doesn’t like public speaking but steels himself to do so on a few occasions, a natural leader (as opposed to boss), patient, rather level headed, has an exceptional and probably photographic memory, doesn’t take as naturally to social situations as most of the others do although this changes. His manner of handling people and situations is well respected. Very reluctant for attention, goes to extremes to rectify his mistakes. With some patience and one-on-one conservation, he would be great friend to get through any situation with.

Kite Durand

I don’t have a picture of Kite, as she exists mainly in my mind, but this is of course her beautiful hair.

Name: Kite Durand (main female character of the trilogy)
Appearance: It’s hard not to notice the red hair. Not poppy red, but many shades of bronze and ginger and a bit red, and a touch of gold. Despite it’s beauty, it’s not an unusual colouring, but still it’s the first thing. Kite is short for an Al’terrian, of average build, with blue cat eyes, and some freckling. Relatively pale of skin, pink in the cheeks, and with a smile for whoever needs it.
Location: She grew up in the capital of Tantus, in the region called Stone Corner and for that reason doesn’t carry an accent or have a second language. Later in the trilogy she takes up residence in the Cradle region of Tantus, but hasn’t seen any of the Al’terrian borders.
Work: In her early childhood, Kite worked in public service and tried to spend all her time at the local barn, before she was taken as a Labourer. After her stint at the factories, she is largely unemployed until she takes up a job becoming a low-grade messenger, then ends up as a direct servant to Al’terrian royalty. To say she’s had a strange vocational life would not be an understatement.
Magic: Has a Power, as is made evident fairly by the first few chapters but isn’t revealed, as it is not proved useful and doesn’t prove useful for the original trilogy.
Relationships: As a major character, Kite has a relationship with every other character for the most part, except maybe for Antuni. Prior to the events in Book 1, Kite doesn’t have a lot of friends if any. She immediately forms a bond to Laura whom she protects. Nicki is a natural alley and friend, steadfast and always amiable towards Kite. There is almost no relationship between Kite and Olivia. Out of the feelings towards the males, she has mixed but negative feelings towards Jared, a strong friendship with Timethy (main male character), a brotherly connection to Damien, a pitying and somewhat maternal feeling towards Rob, and a huge cousin-like affection for Toby. Austin invokes mixed feelings she never really resolves, or needs to resolve, but confusion might be a good label. Out of her later relationships, Sam would arguably be her closest and best friend and Cyrus provides a very intriguing mentor/boss sort of relationship.
Personal: Somewhat interesting personal things about Kite are that she is claustrophobic, enjoys the colour red, and has a natural gifting with horses. Hates olives, likes tea given the choice, is a good dancer and a pretty good soloist, and has few if any fighting or war skills.
Personality: Kite grew up drawn to helping others, though it’s ambiguous as to exactly why this is. She sets about doing what needs to be done, delegating, talkative enough to pull a conversation out of nearly anyone, kind-hearted but firmly determined (as compared to Nicki perhaps), self-controlled most of them, has been known to verbally snap when stressed (usually physically), very social-able - likes making friends and making others feel good. She sees and hates the unfairness in the world, but doesn’t have a lot of political or professional ambitions. Well-read but likely a slightly better than average student at best. Plays a decent game of chess. By no means a perfect human being, but certainly a kind and encouraging one.

Introductions: The Basics (World, Plot, and Character)

World: Welcome to Al’terra. It is a country. Al’terra is divided up into provinces, which have their own regions and often districts within those regions, the capital of which is Tantus – it alone has a population of several million. Al’terra is considered the academic and cultural centre of the world. It borders neighbouring countries Galeez  to the west(who they have much in common with), Septavia  to the North (who they don’t normally speak with), and Nolvac to the East (who they absolutely hate). This sub continent is referred to as Altleos although other countries lie to the far North, East, and South. Al’terra has a typically mild climate with warm to hot summers and mild, wet winters.

Plot: Book 1 follows the journey of a group of very confused adolescents through their slavery and oppression as they discover they all possess magic previously thought to be rare, and how they escape certain death. Book 2 deals in the struggle to find identity and purpose. Book 3 shows the planning of a mass genocide to slaughter all the children with magic and how the attack is stopped. I know that’s a very broad stroke of plot with not great depth, as to avoid spoilers.

Characters: The series follows the perspectives of Kite, an altruistic red-head who has made the best of poor life circumstances, and Timethy, a groomed book-genius with a quiet demeanour.  Other escapees include the skittish and emotionally troubled Laura, very plain and incredibly friendly Nicki, haughty rising star Olivia longing to go home, overly talkative and adventure-loving Damien, sweet and naive Rob who finds his self-worth in the words of others, gold-hearted Tobias from the middle of nowhere, morally grey and incredibly authoritative Jared, and overly enthusiastic and not very subtle Austin. These make up the escapees. Other characters introduced later in the series include Samantha, a talented reader who hasn’t yet sold her soul for social prestige, Shendera a passionate but relationally distant priestess, the orphan Gregory, the highest ranking order of Al’terra Cyrus, and Antuni, an unexpected friend and mentor.

That’s probably enough to lay out the skeleton of things. After this will be brief character sketches of the major players and world build items. I’ll try to vary the style of posts, the mediums, and throw in any questions that are asked, keep the writing entertaining for you as well as me.

This is the most basic sketch I can give to keep you interested without going into too much detail. Feel free at any time to ask questions about anything. I love questions.