Nicki Mi’Anna

Nicki is a good artist, though this particular image is from deviantart (BrandonEvans)

Name: Nicki Mi’Anna

Appearance: A plain but pretty face with grey slit eyes framed by short hair of many soft shades of brown, a bit taller than Kite and with a similar build so much as they could pass for each other at night, left-handed, considered attractive for a common girl.

Location: Born and raised in Hesk but returns to plant herself in Tantus, with no ambitions of going elsewhere.

Work: Worked with children in a care place and was probably on the way to becoming a teacher, though she always had her heart set on becoming a performing dancer – something it’s likely she couldn’t have done because she wasn’t that good at it. On her return to Tantus, she becomes a florist because no one would look for her in that profession.

Magic:  Has the power of very good hearing, something that always proves useful even after the factories.

Relationships: Because of the factories, Nicki finds herself fallen in love with Damien, her one and only love: they dance together on many occasions.  She doesn’t like Jared, tries to strike up a friendship with the otherwise naive Rob, makes a pleasant friendship with Timethy, becomes cousin-like with Toby, and Austin could only really be classified as a stalker. If technology allowed, he would be creeping her Facebook pictures hourly. Of the girls, she does her best to be friends with Olivia who really doesn’t want the kindness, does her best to protect and encourage Laura, and her and Kite turn out to be very good, if not best friends out of their endeavours.

Personal: After returning to Tantus, she has a bit of a religious experience, which causes her to becoming practising, a fairly good cook and can make her favourite dish of basil cherry chicken, does decorative weaving with her hair sometimes, not much of a dancing soloist, and loves light.

Personality: Defined by her friendliness to everyone in every situation, and otherwise cautious about new situations and plans, has the feel of innocence to her, patient and understanding but not enough decisiveness to be a leader,  a realist more than an optimist,  doesn’t really like that much attention, and takes to make decision on emotions more than anything else.