Introductions: The Basics (World, Plot, and Character)

World: Welcome to Al’terra. It is a country. Al’terra is divided up into provinces, which have their own regions and often districts within those regions, the capital of which is Tantus – it alone has a population of several million. Al’terra is considered the academic and cultural centre of the world. It borders neighbouring countries Galeez  to the west(who they have much in common with), Septavia  to the North (who they don’t normally speak with), and Nolvac to the East (who they absolutely hate). This sub continent is referred to as Altleos although other countries lie to the far North, East, and South. Al’terra has a typically mild climate with warm to hot summers and mild, wet winters.

Plot: Book 1 follows the journey of a group of very confused adolescents through their slavery and oppression as they discover they all possess magic previously thought to be rare, and how they escape certain death. Book 2 deals in the struggle to find identity and purpose. Book 3 shows the planning of a mass genocide to slaughter all the children with magic and how the attack is stopped. I know that’s a very broad stroke of plot with not great depth, as to avoid spoilers.

Characters: The series follows the perspectives of Kite, an altruistic red-head who has made the best of poor life circumstances, and Timethy, a groomed book-genius with a quiet demeanour.  Other escapees include the skittish and emotionally troubled Laura, very plain and incredibly friendly Nicki, haughty rising star Olivia longing to go home, overly talkative and adventure-loving Damien, sweet and naive Rob who finds his self-worth in the words of others, gold-hearted Tobias from the middle of nowhere, morally grey and incredibly authoritative Jared, and overly enthusiastic and not very subtle Austin. These make up the escapees. Other characters introduced later in the series include Samantha, a talented reader who hasn’t yet sold her soul for social prestige, Shendera a passionate but relationally distant priestess, the orphan Gregory, the highest ranking order of Al’terra Cyrus, and Antuni, an unexpected friend and mentor.

That’s probably enough to lay out the skeleton of things. After this will be brief character sketches of the major players and world build items. I’ll try to vary the style of posts, the mediums, and throw in any questions that are asked, keep the writing entertaining for you as well as me.

This is the most basic sketch I can give to keep you interested without going into too much detail. Feel free at any time to ask questions about anything. I love questions.

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